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On-Campus Surveillance Testing FAQ


Where will I need to go for Surveillance Testing?

Two rooms on campus will be designated each day as testing rooms. These rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each testing administration period. No more than two individuals will be scheduled to occupy a testing room at any one time.


Each room will be equipped with monitors offering clear guidance on how individuals collect their samples to ensure accuracy of test results. A COVID-19 Administrator will also be present to provide support and guidance.


What do I need to bring to do my test?

To complete the Binx COVID-19 sample collection, you will need a pen and either a smartphone, tablet, or computer to activate your kit and set up your account. All other necessary materials, including detailed collection instructions, are included in the collection kit.


How do I pick-up my test?

Your test will be presented to you when you report to the testing room.


How long does it take to collect my sample?

The sample collection process will take, on average, less than five minutes.


Who will get the test results?

Reports of test results will be submitted to individuals, through a private online portal, and to NYFA, provided authorizations for release of information are signed. 


Test reports will be privately secured and the few individuals authorized to read and receive such reports are trained to observe all relevant privacy laws.


NYFA will send test kits to the lab for processing and results, once specimens reach the lab, will be reported to the individual and to the school within 48 hours.


What type of testing will be offered?

We are offering self-collected nasal swab testing kits and the sample is processed on PCR COVID-19 diagnostic platforms with FDA emergency use authorization. This has been demonstrated to be the most reliable method for detecting COVID-19 by identifying if your sample contains genetic material (RNA) from the virus that causes COVID-19.


How do I collect my sample?

The collection method is easy to self-administer and pain-free:


  1. Once you are seated in the testing room and ready to collect your sample, activate your test kit using your phone or tablet: https://app.mybinxhealth.com/activate-box. You must use your NYFA email address to activate your test kit.


  1. Follow the detailed instructions found within the test kit to collect your sample. Each student/employee will, on their own, insert a swab ½ inch/1cm up each nostril to collect a viable specimen for analysis.


  1. Return your test kit to the COVID-19 Team Administrator before exiting the testing room.


For further information about your Binx test kit contents, setting up your account, activating your kit through the online portal, and using the kits visit the Binx website or Email support@mybinxhealth.com.


CLICK HERE for more information about the accuracy and FDA approval of Binx nasal home collection kits.


How do I return my test?

NYFA will send test kits via overnight mail to a lab for processing and results, once specimens reach the lab, will be reported to the individual and to NYFA within 48 hours.


Can I be excused from Surveillance Testing?

Students/employees will be excused from participation in surveillance testing if:

  • A vaccination record is submitted and indicates that the student/employee has received the second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine at least 14 days prior to surveillance testing selection date.

  • The student/employee presents a RT-PCR COVID-19 test report that indicates a positive test result and a test administration date no greater than 90 days and no sooner than ten days prior to surveillance testing selection date.




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