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DEI Film Discussion Series: DO THE RIGHT THING by Spike Lee


Los Angeles



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DEI Film Discussion Series: DO THE RIGHT THING, by Spike Lee

Wednesday, September 23rd, 5:00pm PT


Please join the NYFA LA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council for the next event in our ongoing screening and discussion series.  We will continue on the topic of systemic racism in the United States, by viewing Spike Lee’s award-winning film, Do The Right Thing, followed by a discussion and dialogue facilitated by NYFA faculty.


How to participate:


1.   Watch Do The Right Thing prior to Wednesday, September 23rd, 5:00pm PT.

  • Description: Often listed among the greatest films of all time, Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing explores a Brooklyn neighborhood's simmering racial tension, which culminates in violence on a hot summer day.  The film’s subject is not simply a race riot, but the tragic dynamic of racism and miscommunication, seen in microcosm. It is a virtuoso act of creation, a movie at once realistic and symbolic, lighthearted and tragic, funny and savage; one of the reasons we recoil at the end is that we thought, somehow, the people of this neighborhood, this street, whom we had come to know, would not be touched by the violence in the air all around them.  To watch it now is to see it in the context not just of a long and horrific history of acts of racist violence against black Americans but also of the police brutality that, thirty years after the film’s release, continues. Do the Right Thing is, regrettably, not a work of history but a film set, in many ways, in the present tense.


2.   Join the discussion on systemic racism in the United States.  We will be referencing Do The Right Thingtherefore it is recommended to watch the before the event, but it is certainly not required to participate in the dialogue.


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