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Post Production

New York Film Academy
Post Production

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 8:30AM – 10:00PM
Friday 8:30AM – 8:00PM
Saturday 8:30AM – 6:00PM
Sunday – CLOSED


Post Production labs are available to students to use for the editing of your projects. 
If you have an edit shift or would like to just come in to work, please reserve a computer station by emailing us at lapost@nyfa.edu, calling us at (818)-333-3583 or stopping by in person.  Not reserving could result in there not being a computer for you to use if you just show up. 

We are located in the basement floor of Burbank Studios.  We have 9 labs full of computers for student use, with all the software you will need during your time as a student.  All our labs have Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, DaVinci Resolve as well as many other pieces of software vital for making your movie (Adobe, Movie Magic and Final Draft software are available in certain labs). 


All students are required to use an external drive to work off that is Mac OS Extended formatted (we use Macintosh, not Windows).  You will use many different computers, so this allows you to take your work wherever you go (it also helps you keep your work when we clean the computers and delete materials).  You should have a hard drive that has either a USB-C or Thunderbolt connections for the best results, however you can use USB 3 connection, but it will be a tad slower in speed.  LaCie, Buffalo and G-Technology offer drives designed for the heavy back and forth communication that editing requires.  I would recommend a 2TB phantom power drive (meaning you can plug it in the computer without a power source).  It is highly recommended that you have a secondary drive to be able to back materials onto should something happen to your main working drive.  Please make sure to bring your hard drives cables as we do not have any to lend out. 

Do not save anything local on the computer as you run the risk of it being deleted.  If you need to save something temporarily to a system, ask post if its ok and we will know to not delete anything off that system until you come to get it back. 


Retrieving Materials from shoots

When you go on various shoots at NYFA, you might want to get the materials for your own use (or need to edit something together for class).  If you are looking to retrieve footage, there are a few key pieces of information that will help us get it copied to your drive when you come to post

  1. The date the shoot occurred
  2. Your full class section (IE, Fall 2019 MFA Filmmaking)
  3. The instructor on set
  4. What kind of camera was used

Knowing this will help us track down your footage quicker, allowing you to edit sooner. 

Actors – We will need permission from student filmmakers to be able to give you a final cut of a film you might have been involved in (they should email lapost@nyfa.edu from their NYFA email to verify).  Production workshops, since they are a class project, are different. 

Edited Films

You will work on many projects in your time here.  NYFA keeps a copy of your films for archiving as well as if your instructor(s) request a copy.  You will need to turn all of your edited film projects into post production when you are finished.  It’s as simple as just coming in the office with your drive, handing it to us and letting us know your class, name and project so that we may copy it to the correct location.


Apple ProRes 422 LT Codec
1920 x 1080 (1080p) frame size
23.98 Frames Per Second

Anyone that turns in a film not in these specs will be asked to re-export their film.

Post TAs are here to help.  If you find yourself in the above situation, or in any spot where you might need assistance, do not hesitate to come to the post production office where we might be able to assist you with what you are having issues with.  Editing can be confusing at times and we want to help you through that and allow you to make the best film that you can. 

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