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How To Register

NOTE: A nyfa.edu email address is required to register for the Student Hub.



Click 'Login' located at the top of the page.




Click 'Create new account'



If you are a student or alumni, click 'New Student/Alumni Account'. If are you faculty or staff, click 'New Faculty/Staff Account'.




Fill out all required fields. You are required to use your NYFA email address to register. Make sure all information is accurate!

If you'd like make your profile visible to registered users and searchable in the Student Hub directory, please check 'Public Profile'.

You are also required to read and accept the Terms & Conditions of Use. Check 'Accept Terms & Conditions of Use' then click 'Create New Account'.




An email will be sent to your NYFA email address from support@nyfa.edu. Please check your spam filter if you do not receive one within 5 minutes. After opening the email, click or copy and paste the link to automatically activate and log in to your account. This link will only work once. You will have to use your NYFA email address and password to access the Student Hub in the future.


The link will open a new window and display the following message on the homepage.

Congratulations! You have successfully created an account! Please wait 3 business days for your profile to be approved by the NYFA Student Hub team.

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