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"Roommate Conflict: At a Time Like This, How Do We All Make it Work?" with Stanley Tam and Jacky Hunt
Monday, March 30th @ 12:30 p.m PT/3:30 p.m ET

Discussion and Tips will include:
  • Exploring communications skills
  • Developing a better sense of boundaries
  • Exploring ways to work as a team
  • Assessing alternatives to meet one another's needs
Counseling Connect with Jacky Hunt, Director of NYFA NYC Counseling
Wednesday, April 1st @ 3:30 p.m. PT/6:00p.m. ET

During this session, we'll create three small goals to achieve during distancing and you will have the opportunity to meet with counseling staff virtually
Managing depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions is important. I'd bet you have the strength and resilience to maintain your mental health on your own, but we all benefit from a little help sometimes!
CALM Health is offering free resources during this time, where you can find relaxation, meditation, and stories to help with sleep.

Additionally, you can make an appointment with NYFA Counseling Services for personal, one-to-one therapy via Zoom. All three US campuses offer free support.

Here's how to connect:
Name It and Tame It: Anxiety Can be Managed
Many of us are feeling unsettled and uneasy right now. Unable to see a clear end to this crisis, we can’t focus, aren’t eating well, or may feel irritable. Try slowing down and naming the feeling. Are you nervous? Disappointed? Scared?

How are these feelings manifesting? Are you eating more/less than normal? Is your sleep suffering? Any sudden and major changes can have an impact, so your response is typical. We tend to focus on the negative and what’s not working. That can feed the anxiety monster.
So things aren’t going as any of us had planned. Let’s combat the anxiety and worry with a list of what is working for us and what we’re grateful for.

A few examples might be:
  • “I get to sleep a little longer every day.”
    “I can still attend classes.”
Try Out a New Recipe!
There are all kinds of new ways to spend your time indoors and it doesn’t need to be dull. Many of you have small kitchens so I’m sharing with you ONE PAN recipes to try out. Everyone loves dessert…try this Mug Muffin for a sweet treat.
Move a Little Each Day
NYFA students are accustomed to moving. As Kinesthetic learners, many of you rely on classes where you can move, stretch, bend, and lift to tire your bodies. Since most of you are stationary while you attend remote lessons, moving is now a conscious effort. Here is a list of ideas to get you moving.

  1. Counteract all that sitting with some Yoga Poses
  2. Seven Minute Workouts for different muscle groups (use cans as weights)
  3. 30 Minute Cardio Boxing (sorry downstairs neighbors…it’s happening)


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