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NYFA NY COVID-19 Health Report

February 2, 2021, 12:30pm

Dear NYFA NY Community,

NYFA is committed to keeping the community informed of the incidence of COVID-19 on all its campuses.

A member of the NYFA New York campus community tested positive for COVID-19. This individual was not present on campus at any time during the infectious period. Nor has this individual been in contact with any member of the NYFA community during the infectious period. This individual is currently observing self-isolation guidelines. The individual who tested positive for COVID-19 does not reside in the EHS residential facility.

It is important to note that the member of the NYFA NY community who tested positive for COVID-19 was asymptomatic and got tested in accordance with NYFA's protocol of testing prior to participating in an in-person class or activity. This action may have prevented spread in our community.

For ongoing updates of the incidence of illness on the NY NYFA Campus, please consult the NY Campus Dashboard.

The incidence rates of new cases of COVID-19 in New York City and New York State is high. Please remain vigilant by following personal hygiene guidelines, practicing physical distancing, wearing masks when venturing outside your homes, and staying home when you are sick. In abiding by these practices, you will limit your exposure to the virus, as well as the new virus variants, and you will be doing all you can to stay healthy and protect the safety of our community.

For more tips on staying healthy and for guidance on how to access care should you become ill, please visit the NYFA Student Hub.

Also, please report positive COVID-19 test results to:

Faculty and Staff: Domingo Morales, Associate Director of Human Resources, Domingo.morales@nyfa.edu
Students: Sandra Schein, Director of Student Health and Wellness, Sandra.schein@nyfa.edu

We thank you so very much for your cooperation.

NYFA COVID-19 Response Team

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