Summer Events
LGBTQI+ Support Group
Wednesdays 6/24/20 (Ongoing) at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET

Join therapist Kathia Rabelo in exploring gender, sexuality and identity in a supportive space. This group will explore such themes as dating, loneliness, creativity and passion. Develop a stronger sense of awareness and mindfulness to feelings, exploring limits and boundaries of school, relationships and self.
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Dating and Relationships during COVID-19, an Exploration of Connecting in a Disconnected Space
6/25/20 @ 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET

Please join the NYFA LA Director of Counseling, Stanley Tam, in an open support workshop to explore dating and relationships during a time when we are all asked to stay socially distanced with masks, to in many ways function in all the ways that keep us from building intimate relationships.
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Pride 2020 Online Queer-eoke Party
Tuesday 6/30/20 @ 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET

Join NYFA NYC instructor Daniel Lincoln for an on-line Karaoke party in celebration of Pride 2020. Don’t want to sing? No problem - you can join us for the Pride-themed trivia games and more!
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Take action to support the LGBTQI community whose recognition and improved equity came from protest. If you would like to, feel free to download one of these images and share one thing you already do or will do to make a more just and equitable community for all LGBTQI+ people on social media with the hashtag #NYFAPride.

A focus on LGBTQ-I:
Mental health isn’t just about therapy! There are many ways to achieve wellness. Social support and connection, moderate exercise, and meaningful hobbies are great ways to take care of yourself. Make a social connection and virtual vogue 6/22 from 7-8PM ET!

Are you questioning your sexual identity? There’s a guide where you can find out more and explore different sexual identities. Sometimes we need words to express what’s happening inside. Maybe you need your family and friends to better understand you: ask them to read through some information so they can be better allies & supporters.

Make connections in your community and learn about what these inclusive spaces offer:
In NYC, check out The Center, one of New York’s oldest spaces for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people.
In LA, the LGBT Center offers services & support of all kinds.
In SoBe, you’ll find PrideLines provides a variety of services and events.


Search for competent and supportive medical care through OutCare, a national database of providers from different disciplines who are attuned to the needs of LGBTQ community.

How Do We Practice Self-Care During Times of Protest and Upheaval?
Be in the Moment, but take moments away when you need to: A lifetime of lived racism is exhausting. The impact has well documented deleterious impacts on both physical and mental health in the form of weathering. Since the protests of George Floyd’s killing began, traditional and social media has been filled with images of both peaceful protest and of violence. Being informed is wonderful, but it’s OK to take a break from input when you need it. Watch this short video with Kerry Washington and Kendrick Sampson on Self-Care during the BLM movement . Everyone can use a bit of restoration so we can continue doing what we need, like Petition for Justice for George Floydparticipate in the census and Register to Vote to make your voice heard.

Mental Health Care:
People of color face barriers to mental health that prevent connection to care. That is changing as new resources become available. Have you heard of The Black Mental Health AllianceAyana Therapy, or Therapy for Black Girls? All are spaces for people of color to match with excellent therapists of color and culturally competent clinicians all over the country.
The longest list of mental health resources you will ever find: Help Comes in Many Forms
Coping During Covid-19

Need Psychiatric Support?
Remote psychiatry appointments nationwide Mindful Urgent Care | Same Day Psychiatric Services

Support Lines:
Yes, this was in our last letter as well. It’s important that every one of you has the help you need any time you need it: please have these saved in your phone and know that volunteers are waiting for your call. You are important and help is out there.
For LGBTQ folks, the Trevor Project is specifically created for your needs.