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Log In to Academic Databases

Watch this video to see how to log in to academic databases.

Welcome to this New York Film Academy Library video tutorial. In this tutorial, I’m going to be demonstrating how to log in to the various academic databases that we provide through the library.

So, you can see here I am currently on the NYFA library website, kinda main page. So to access the databases you’ll just need to click the Databases link. This is going to look a little bit different once our website updates. There’s going to be kind of a break-out tab here for each individual database, similar to the About Page. So just, you know, select the database that you are looking to access. And when you get to that database, you’ll just need to click the corresponding link. And I’m going to go ahead and use JSTOR for this particular demonstration, but all three of our databases log in with the exact same procedure.

So if you click JSTOR you’ll see that you are then prompted to log in to the NYFA HUB using your HUB credentials. So, it’s pretty much always going to be your NYFA email address. And then whatever password you have set to log in to the HUB with. If you haven’t set up those credentials, you will need to create a NYFA HUB account in order to access our databases. So I’m going to go ahead and log in. And you’ll see now I have a link to the JSTOR Arts and Sciences III Database. Again, if you’re logging in to EBSCO it will prompt you with a link to EBSCO and also with Alexander Street, it will prompt you with a link for Alexander Street. And you’ll see now I am logged in to JSTOR. Access is provided by the New York Film Academy Library, Los Angeles. So, I am in. I can now use this database as I wish, basically. I can start searching, do what I need to do. If you’d like more information on how to use the databases, you can go ahead and check out some of our other tutorial videos here on our website.

So thank you for taking a look at this tutorial. If you have any further questions about this or anything else NYFA library related, feel free to reach out to library staff.

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