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Updated: April 20, 2021 at 12:30pm

Dear NYFA LA Community,

We hope you all are staying healthy and well. We are all looking forward to the start of the Summer Semester 2021. This email includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for NYFA LA’s expectations for Summer Semester 2021. You are reminded that you can check LA Campus Updates anytime on the NYFA Student Hub.

NYFA LA expects Summer Semester 2021 to be a hybrid of in-person and remote learning. Recently, colleges were given permission from the LA County Department of Public Health to resume limited in-person classes on-campus. NYFA LA is working with LA County to follow their expectations for any in-person activities. NYFA LA is allowed and will continue to schedule off-campus productions and off-campus production workshops for hands-on experiences, as long as FilmLA and LA County are permitting productions.

For Summer Semester 2021, NYFA LA students should make decisions about travel and housing that are most comfortable for them, knowing that we will accommodate students for in-person or remote instruction. Students unable to attend in-person classes can attend Summer Semester 2021 classes remotely.Here are some frequently asked questions about Summer Semester 2021:

Q: How do I register for Summer Semester 2021?
A: All continuing students MUST Register for Summer Semester 2021. REGISTRATION HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL April 23. If you have difficulty registering, please contact

Q: How will courses be offered in Summer Semester 2021?
A: Courses will be offered in three possible ways of instruction: remote only, a hybrid of in-person and remote, or in-person only. Regardless of the mode of instruction, students unable to attend in-person classes can attend any Summer Semester classes remotely.

Q: What does “remote” instruction mean?
A: “Remote” instruction means any learning delivered online through the Zoom platform. “Remote only” instruction means an entire course or semester of courses delivered solely through remote instruction.

Q: What does “hybrid” instruction mean?
A: “Hybrid” instruction means a combination of learning through some in-person class sessions, or some off-site productions, and some remote instruction. NOTE: Students who wish to attend the semester exclusively remotely will still be able to Zoom in remotely to in-person class activities and off-site productions.

Q: What does “in-person” instruction mean?
A: “In-person” instruction means any class session that is delivered with students physically present in a classroom on campus or at an alternative class location or off-site production. NOTE: Students who wish to attend the semester exclusively remotely will still be able to Zoom in remotely to any in-person class sessions or off-site productions. HOWEVER, students entering the US with an I-20 for the Summer 2021 start, must take in-person classes IF they are offered. For questions about your visa status, please contact the International Student Office at

Q: I am a current student and a) I can’t come to Los Angeles; or b) I am in self-quarantine or self-isolation; or c) I can’t attend in-person classes for some other COVID-related reason. Can I still attend all of my scheduled classes, even if they are in-person?
A: Yes, you may Zoom into all scheduled class sessions, including any in-person class or off-site productions. HOWEVER, students entering the US with an I-20 for the Summer 2021 start, must take in-person classes IF they are offered. For questions about your visa status, please contact the International Student Office at

Q: When will in-person instruction begin on campus?
A: We are planning for limited in-person instruction to begin on campus on May 10, 2021. Off-site productions and off-site production workshops are anticipated to begin May 10, 2021, continuing through Summer Semester.

Q: I am a continuing student currently living in the United States. Do I have to arrive in Los Angeles 10 days before the semester starts?
A: No, you can come to Los Angeles any time during the semester or you can choose to stay remote and not come to Los Angeles. Whenever you do arrive in Los Angeles, however, you will be required to self-quarantine for 10 days before you can attend in-person instruction and be tested prior to attending any in-person NYFA activity. You can attend classes remotely while in self-quarantine.

Q: I am a continuing international student arriving from my home country. When should I arrive in Los Angeles for Summer Semester 2021?
A: No matter if or when you arrive in the US, you are expected to begin classes via Zoom or in-person on May 10, 2021.
  • If you plan to arrive in Los Angeles and you have an I-20 with a Summer Semester 2021 start date, the absolute latest date you can arrive in the US is June 1, 2021. If you are unable to arrive by June 1, 2021 you should not enter the US and you should continue your studies remotely from your home country.
  • If you are unable to arrive in time to start the Summer Semester 2021 in person, the International Student Office will work with you in order to receive an updated I-20 with the Fall Semester 2021 start date. Please note you will be responsible for the courier fee for the updated I-20. The I-20 will have the same SEVIS ID therefore you will not have to pay a new SEVIS fee.
    • Once you have the I-20 for the Fall Semester 2021 start date and a F1 visa you can enter the US up to 30 days prior to the Fall Semester 2021 start date. It is important that you keep the International Student Office updated on your plans by emailing them at
Q: If I am attending an in-person class, in-person activity, off-site production, or off-site production workshop, what are the requirements prior to attending my first in-person activity?
A: Please read the NYFA COVID Safety Plan. Reading this will help you prepare for your first in-person activity. Below is a brief summary of information contained in the NYFA COVID Safety Plan that pertains specifically to your first in-person activity or attendance at off-site productions.
  1. Self-Quarantine: To mitigate the transmission of illness within our community, NYFA requires all arriving to NYFA LA from regions outside of Los Angeles to self-quarantine for 10 days prior to your first day of in-person class or off-site production.
    • Please check your NYFA schedule to confirm your first possible day of in-person activities or off-site productions.
    • It is important during these 10 days that you stay home and leave the house only for essential errands. Although you are required to self-quarantine for only 10 days, it is important that for 14 days you monitor your symptoms and practice physical distancing and good personal hygiene. Further guidelines for self-quarantine are detailed in the NYFA Self-Quarantine and Self-Isolation Guidelines.
  2. NYFA COVID-19 Symptom Tracking: All NYFA students and employees are required to provide NYFA a report of their symptoms with the use of the NYFA COVID-19 Symptom Tracker on any day they are scheduled to be present on campus or at the off-site production.
    • New students will receive log-in information after Registration for the NYFA COVID-19 Symptom Tracker App.
    • Once your in-person class or off-site production begins, you will report your symptoms on the days you are scheduled to be present on campus, at the in-person activity, or at the off-site production. Additionally, those experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 should report these symptoms in the NYFA COVID-19 Symptom Tracker App whether attending in-person activities or not.
      • You will be taking your temperature for the NYFA COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, so be sure you have a thermometer at home!
    • Your data will be FERPA protected and read and stored only by the NYFA COVID-19 Team Administrators trained to observe all relevant privacy laws.
  3. Testing for COVID-19:
    • Prior to your first in-person, on-campus activity:
      • NYFA requires all employees and students to be tested for COVID-19, with an RT-PCR COVID-19 Diagnostic Test, within 7 days before your first in-person activity, whether the person is vaccinated or not. Please verify with the testing site that this is the test you are being administered. Other tests, including Rapid Antigen tests, will NOT be accepted.
      • Test results should be emailed to the NYFA COVID Team Administrator at before the first in-person activity and must provide confirmation of negative test results.
      • If you report a positive COVID-19 test result, a COVID-19 Team Administrator will contact you to offer guidance, support and assistance. This may include information about self-isolation, monitoring your symptoms, and seeking medical advice, as noted in NYFA Self-Quarantine and Self-Isolation Guidelines.
      • Your data will be FERPA protected and read and stored only by the NYFA COVID-19 Team Administrators trained to observe all relevant privacy laws.
      • The City of LA and LA County continue to expand COVID-19 testing sites. Access testing site information through these links:
    • On-Campus Surveillance Testing:
      • Individuals who will be attending on-campus activities during the remainder of Spring Semester will be required to participate in on-campus surveillance testing. NYFA has partnered with Binx Health to offer the community access to quality RT-PCR COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Each week approximately 25% of the campus population will be randomly selected to participate in on-campus surveillance testing.
      • Those selected for surveillance testing will be provided, at no cost, a self-administered nasal swab test on-campus. Read more about surveillance testing here. 

  4. COVID-19 Student Conduct On and Off Campus: Students are required to sign a pledge affirming that they will use safe practices on and off campus.
    • The pledge states: “I understand that if I break my pledge - if I fail to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines either on campus or off campus - I may face disciplinary action, up to and including revocation of permission to attend on-campus classes and activities, suspension, or expulsion from NYFA.”
    • In addition, students who violate safe practices may be asked to self-quarantine for 10 days.
  5. COVID-19 Safety Training on the Hub: Students are required to successfully complete the COVID-19 Safety Training prior to the first day of in-person classes or off-site production. Students will be able to take the COVID-19 Safety Training on the Hub. Details to access the training will be provided after Registration.
Q: Are students required to receive a COVID-19 Vaccination before attending any in-person activities?
A: It is not mandatory that you get vaccinated against COVID-19, at this time. However, large scale clinical studies have conclusively determined that all of the vaccines approved for use in the United States prevent most people from developing severe illness. COVID-19 vaccinations are also an important tool in ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consult the CDC for updated and detailed information regarding all we presently know about the vaccines and what we hope to learn from ongoing research.
  • NYFA would like to keep track of those members of our community who are or become fully vaccinated. If and when you receive all required doses of the Pfizer/BioTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines, please consider sending a scan or photo of your vaccination card to the NYFA LA COVID-19 Team Administrator (
  • It is not mandatory that you share with NYFA your vaccination card. However, having records of those community members who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will allow NYFA to implement best practice guidelines as they relate to contact tracing, testing, and quarantine protocols for individuals vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • To find out if you are eligible to be vaccinated, where to get a vaccination and what you may need to prove eligibility, visit: LA County COVID-19 Vaccine Information Site
Q: What if I am attending remote classes from a different time zone?
A: All classes will be scheduled at Los Angeles times, which is the Pacific Time Zone, and students not in Los Angeles should plan accordingly.

Q: Should I come to Los Angeles, even though classes will be hybrid and not all classes will be in-person?
A: This is a personal decision for each student to make. Some students will choose to remain at home and take classes remotely for many personal reasons. Other students will choose to be in Los Angeles to be available to physically attend in-person classes on or off campus. Those who want to be available for in-person classes on-campus and ongoing off-site productions and production workshops should come to LA.

Q: When should I sign a residential lease in Los Angeles?
A: If you are coming to Los Angeles, regardless of whether classes will be on campus or not, you can decide to sign a residential lease at any time. For questions about residential leases or housing in Los Angeles, visit Wherever you will be living, we encourage you to have good internet access and a space that allows you to learn in a focused environment.

Q: If I am taking classes remotely, can I still graduate on time?
A: Yes, you can graduate on time. If you are in your final semester, your department will offer you an alternative thesis assignment, if needed, to fulfill your program requirements.

Q: If I plan to attend in-person classes scheduled for Summer Semester, can I change my mind and be exclusively remote later in the semester?
A: Yes, students can switch from attending in-person classes to attending exclusively remotely, or vice versa, at any time during the Summer Semester 2021. HOWEVER, students entering the US with an I-20 for the Summer 2021 start, must take in-person classes IF they are offered. For questions about your visa status, please contact the International Student Office at

Q: Do I have to pay equipment fees for Summer Semester 2021?
A: Equipment fees are required if you intend to take classes in-person or plan on attending production workshops or productions. If you are planning on staying remote during Summer Semester 2021, or if we are unable to implement in-person instruction on campus, or individual or class productions, you may be refunded some or all of your equipment fee.

Q: Will my tuition be affected by whether my program is online or hybrid?
A: Tuition will not be affected by whether or not we are able to run in-person classes, and will be the same for students who are remote and students doing a hybrid semester. During this crisis, the cost of instruction has increased. NYFA continues to provide a top-quality education in a remote environment, and our investment in technology and training for faculty are just some of the additional costs incurred. Nonetheless, NYFA has provided additional tuition assistance and increased aid to students since the pandemic began.

Q: What if I am struggling financially due to the pandemic?
A: Whether or not you are currently receiving or eligible for Federal or State financial assistance, please contact the Financial Aid office at to discuss your financial circumstances.

Q: What measures is NYFA taking to promote COVID safety on campus?
A: NYFA’s Task Forces and Committees carefully review all available guidance from government, health agencies, public health experts, as well as protocols being developed by the film industry for production. NYFA’s plans have been reviewed by NYFA’s public health consultant, Dr. Peter Bloland, formerly of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All our decisions have been made through an intensive process of deliberation and always with the health of our students, faculty, and staff at the forefront. For further information, please see NYFA’s COVID Safety Plan on the NYFA Student Hub.

NYFA LA continuously emails the NYFA LA community with updates and information. You are encouraged to review NYFA's COVID-19 Health and Campus Guidelines and Information and NYFA LA's Health and Campus Updates on the NYFA Student HUB. If you have questions, please contact


Dan Mackler
Chief Strategy Officer / Senior Vice President
Dean of NYFA Los Angeles