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Accessibility Services

Registering for Accommodations

To be eligible for accommodations, a student must:

  • Submit an online application for accommodation
  • Send relevant documentation to SAS@nyfa.edu
  • schedule and attend an intake appointment with a member of the Accessibility Services department
  • receive notification of eligibility

SAS reviews documentation and determines eligibility according to the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There is no "exact formula" for determining a disability. However, here is what NYFA looks for in documentation:

  • There is a chronic physical or mental condition
  • evidence that the condition significantly impacts one or more major life activities (such as seeing, learning, standing, etc.)
  • determined by a medical, mental health, or educational professional who is licensed and qualified to diagnose, evaluate, and treat the condition
  • recent enough to demonstrate an impact on current functioning or a history of similar accommodation (with the last 5 years)

Preferred Documentation

Students may contact SAS at any time with questions about how to best locate the type of information we need to evaluate eligibility and provide accommodations.
ADHD, Mental Health, Chronic Medical Conditions and/or Sensory related Disabilities:

  • The preferred method of documenting a learning disability is through a current, comprehensive, adult-normed psychoeducational test battery with a statement of diagnosis, functional limitations resulting from the disability, and type of learning disability.
  • If the student received services in high school, this is often contained in a Multi-Factored Evaluation (MFE). IEP’s, Section 504 Plans, or a Summary of Performance from high school.
  • If documentation does not meet the preferred standards, consider sending the any documentation the student has for review, along with documents that show the history of the student’s accommodations.

SAS is interested in how a student’s condition may impact them. The student may access the Disability Documentation Form and share it with medical professionals in order to help document the information we need. This form is available on our website.

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