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Accessibility Services

Rights & Responsibilities

A student with a disability has a right to an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs offered at New York Film Academy. Students who choose to exercise these rights have a responsibility to initiate and participate in the accommodation process. Acknowledging this, students:

  1. are entitled to an equal opportunity to learn, participate in and benefit from the academic community. This includes access to instruction, services, and extracurricular activities.
  2. have a responsibility to identify themselves as needing accommodation in a timely fashion.
  3. have a responsibility to provide documentation from an appropriate professional that describes the impact of their disability in the educational setting and provide a rationale for the requested accommodation.
  4. have a responsibility to actively participate in the identification of appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aids.
  5. have the same responsibility as any student to meet and maintain the institution's academic standards, and codes of conduct.
  6. have a right to be evaluated based on their ability, not their disability. If their disability affects the outcome of an evaluation format, they are entitled to an evaluation by alternate means if the alternative measures the essential skills, knowledge or abilities.
  7. have a right to appeal decisions concerning accommodations. For information on appeal processes, contact the Dean of Students Office.

The Rights & Responsibilities of New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy has a responsibility to identify and maintain the academic standards that provide quality academic programs while ensuring access to students with disabilities. In meeting these obligations the school:

  1. has the responsibility to insure that all of its programs are accessible.
  2. has the responsibility to inform its applicants and students about the availability and the range of accommodations.
  3. has the right to request and review documentation in support of accommodation requests. The Office of Student Accessibility Services is designated to review student documentation. The school has the right to refuse a request that is unsupported by the documentation.
  4. has the right to identify and establish the abilities, skills, and knowledge necessary for successful entrance into its programs and to evaluate applicants on that basis.
  5. and its faculty have the right to identify and establish the abilities, skills, and knowledge that are fundamental to their academic courses and to evaluate each student's performance on that basis.
  6. has the responsibility to make reasonable adjustments in the delivery, instructional method, and evaluation format for a course when there is a substantial negative interaction with the impact of a student’s disability
  7. has the right to refuse a requested accommodation that fundamentally alters an essential course or program requirement or creates an undue hardship as determined by the school.

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