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Accessibility Services

Faculty Responsibilities

SAS is the office responsible for the process of determining eligibility and recommending reasonable accommodations, and it is the responsibility of each individual faculty member to implement accommodations when presented with notification from SAS.

The following suggestions are provided in order to assist faculty in meeting this expectation.

  1. Meet with the student individually to discuss a specific plan for implementing accommodations. Teachers are encouraged to follow up with an email reviewing the plan, so the teacher and the student have a common reference outlining each party's  responsibilities.
  2. Consider that the requested accommodations are generalized to the academic experience and SAS cannot anticipate nuances of each course. There may be occasions where additional accommodations are necessary or situations in which existing accommodation might need modification to maintain the integrity of the course objectives.
  3. Contact the SAS department with any questions regarding accommodations.  If the requested accommodation is unclear or the instructor has concerns about providing the accommodation a Accessibility team member can assist in developing a plan that meets the needs of the student and the course.

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