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Accessibility Services


NYFA offers a variety of accommodations to students with documented learning differences and disabilities.  The purpose of the academic accommodations is to provide equal opportunity and access.  Accommodations are not meant to provide an unfair advantage or guarantee academic success.

NYFA is committed to offering students  “reasonable’ accommodations as suggested in the documentation. Accommodations are not considered “reasonable” when:

  • offering such accommodations compromises the integrity of the program or curriculum
  • the accommodation poses an undue financial or administrative burden to the school
  • the accommodation creates a direct threat to the health and/or safety of others. 

Below is a list of the most common accommodations NYFA South Beach may offer:

  • Extended time on assignments
  • Distraction-reduced testing
  • Use of alternative media (supplied by student)
  • Interpretation/transcribing services (supplied by the student)
  • Permission to record lectures
  • Note-taking services (supplied by the student) or access to instructors’ course preparation notes

Students who have been approved to receive accommodations will be given by the Director accommodation letters to distribute to each instructor.  The letters will list the accommodations for which the student has been approved; in compliance with ADA and the 504 Rehabilitation Act, the letters will not disclose the nature of the learning difference or disability.  Students will be encouraged to meet with each instructor to discuss the nature of the accommodations and how they are to be implemented.

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