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Accessibility Services

Service Animals

It is the policy of the New York Film Academy to afford individuals with disabilities, who require the assistance of a service animal, with equal opportunity to access Academy property, courses, programs, and activities.


Service Animal:  Any dog or miniature horse individually trained to do work or perform tasks directly related to the disability that the person has.   A service animal is sometimes called an assistance animal.

Pet: A domestic animal kept for pleasure or companionship.  Pets are not permitted on campus.  Permission may be granted by Administration for a pet to be in a campus facility for a specific reason at a specific time.

Therapy Animal: An animal that provides emotional support or passive comfort that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of a disability. A therapy animal (also known as an emotional support animal or comfort animal) is not a service animal under this policy.

Owner: means any person having an interest in or right of possession to a service animal, or any person having control, custody, or possession of a service animal.

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