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Athletics Dept


Instructor: Tigran Shaginan

After several European countries transformed a military form of training called “sword play” into a prestigious art form, fencing gained significant popularity, debuting at the first Olympic Games in 1896.  Otherwise known as the “physical game of chess”, fencing uses tactical training to outsmart an opponent mentally and physically, developing valuable strengths such as agility, perseverance, and resilience enhancing dexterity, character. Coupled with an ambitious attitude, this becomes a blueprint applicable to not just athletics but also academia and in life.  The New York Film Academy’s fencing club is taught by 12-time Soviet Pentathlon gold-medalist and international gold-medalist, Tigran Shaginan.  Reflecting on his career, Tigran believes consistent training and hard work is the recipe for success.  “Talent is great but without diligence, discipline, and commitment, you cannot achieve success.”

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