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Athletics Dept

Men's Soccer

NYFA's men's soccer program came to life in 2014 and has earned 2 Championship Titles, four 2nd place trophies, and three 3rd place plaques. Currently we have an 8's and 11's team competing in a competitive private league locally in Los Angeles.

Coach:  Roy Lev-Ari

The game of soccer unites and divides fans across the globe, creating an atmosphere of fierce competition for 90+ minutes.  The game provides an opportunity for individuals to dream and create vision, believing in themselves and their abilities; establishing this motivation and drive allows for players to apply this vision on and off the field.  Coach Roy Lev-Ari, the New York Film Academy’s men’s soccer head coach, reflects on his coaching philosophy for NYFA’s biggest athletic program.  “I work with my players, helping strengthen their mental stamina and ability to succeed under high pressure, in addition to teaching them how to effectively communicate and build respect for one another.  I work to teach them discipline and determination, as I want these kids to be competing for trophies on and off the field.” 

Since joining the NYFA Athletics coaching staff in 2016, his men’s team has won two 3rd place trophies.   

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