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Athletics Dept

Men's Volleyball

The men's volleyball team was established in 2016 and since then earned top-ranked positions in pool play in addition to one 2nd place trophy. In addition to competing, the team creates and sends Valentine's for the patients at the Children's Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles every year.

Coach:  Elise Cregg

Since volleyball debuted in the 1964 Olympics, participation and popularity expanded exponentially internationally.  Out of 800 million players worldwide, 46 million Americans play volleyball each week.  The game of volleyball provides student-athletes the opportunity to develop into leaders, strengthening key strengths that allow for visionaries to bring their stories to life.  “Life is about leadership – allowing yourself to believe and dream while diligently working towards your goals,” say Head Coach of the New York Film Academy’s Men’s and Women’s Volleyball team and former NCAA Athlete and USA Volleyball player, Elise Cregg.  “I aspire to have my athletes come in as creative minds and leave as visionary leaders.” 

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