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Accessibility Services

Service and Support Animals

It is the policy of the New York Film Academy to afford individuals requiring the assistance of a service animal equal opportunity to access Academy property, courses, programs, and activities.

Service Animals:  An animal, most often a dog, individually and specifically trained to do work or perform tasks that assist persons with disability.   A service animal can also be referred to as an assistance animal.

A guide dog is a trained dog who serves as a travel tool by persons with severe visual impairments or who are blind. 

A service dog is a dog that has been trained to assist individuals who have impairments in health and mobility. 

A SSigDog is a dog trained to assist a person on the Autistic Spectrum. 

A hearing dog is a dog trained to alert a person with hearing impairment to the occurrence of sound. 

A seizure alert/response dog is trained to assist a person with a seizure disorder. 

Lastly, a psychiatric service dog is a dog trained in helping persons with psychiatric and neurological disabilities by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors. 

Students seeking permission to have a service animal on NYFA premises must meet with the Dean of Students and provide documentation that establishes the existence of impairment, describes the nature of the functional limitations related to the impairment, and explains how the work or tasks performed by the animal relates to the limitations noted.

Support Animals: An animal that provides emotional support or passive comfort in order to alleviate one or more identified symptoms or effects of a disability. Students are encouraged to contact EHS to learn more about the policies and procedures regulating the presence of emotional support animals in the residence halls. Support animals, although potentially allowed in residential settings, in compliance with the Fair Housing Act, are not permitted on NYFA premises.  More specifically, support animals are not permitted in classrooms, editing labs, libraries, and lounges or on off-campus shoots, events, and activities.

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